Sales of the World's Leading All-Natural Weed Control Are Rising Sharply

June 23, 2022

Harvard University Tests, Validates and Buys the Leading All-Natural Weed Control

Only disruptive technology can bridge the growing gap between the supply and demand of energy, water, food, and other global resources.”
— Walter Schindler, speaking at Yale University
NEW YORK, USA, June 23, 2022 / -- “Only disruptive technology can bridge the growing gap between the supply and demand of energy, water, food, and other global resources.”
— Walter Schindler, speaking at Yale University

Contact Organics Inc. ( ) is now the world leader in all-natural weed control with steeply rising sales of its product.

Walter L. Schindler, PhD, JD ( ) is the Chairman of the International Advisory Board of Contact Organics Inc., the world leader in all-natural non-toxic weed control, thereby continuing his pioneering work in Transformation LLC ( ) to pursue profitable sustainable strategies.

Harvard University has tested and validated that Contact Organics has developed a breakthrough innovation in non-toxic, environmentally friendly weed control by combining cutting-edge delivery technology and scientific research with natural ingredients. These bioherbicides are formulated for high performance. In addition to being effective broad spectrum contact herbicides, they are fully biodegradable, beneficial to soil microbiology and fertility, and do not allow weeds to develop resistance.

Extensive international application testing has confirmed the high performance of the product technologies. The nonanoic acid-based Weed Terminator product has been independently validated as the number one superior offering versus all non-chemical herbicides currently on the market. Contact Organics technology represents the new practical edge of technology: it controls weeds and helps the soil prosper and the plants to grow in healthy abundance..

Walter L. Schindler has recently added creative leaders Kat McFarlin and John DeMarco in order to create a new dimension of Transformation: a new “fifth dimension” of consulting services and distribution group The Sustainable Foundation, LLC, in order to provide creative advisory support to all forms of sustainability, including advertising verticals, investment vehicles, empowering blockchain and artificial intelligence as well as adding editorial disciplines that stretch across all strategic forms of media platforms.

In past years, Dr. Schindler ( has been recognized as “Game Changer of the Year” by the London online magazine Lawyer International for the Legal 100 - 2020 awards. In addition, Dr. Schindler has received similar recognition by ACQ5 Magazine and Finance Monthly Magazine. The Lawyers International Legal 100 - 2020 Awards are given to 100 leading firms and individuals within their area of specialization, typically after review of over 100,000 submissions of third-party nominations.

Dr. Schindler added: “I wish to acknowledge publicly with deep gratitude the encouragement of H.R.H The Princess Royal (Princess Anne), who held a private reception and dinner in my honor in November 2016 at St James Palace. She then stated her generous words “to encourage you” when I asked her why she organized the reception and dinner. And in 2017 she organized another special event at Marlborough House for leaders of the British Commonwealth.”

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